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GOT-X 230

Recessed adjustable luminaire for CDM-T or SDW-TG lamp. Body is made of aluminium. All RAL colours are available. GOT MAX 230 - version with bayonet ring without visible screws.

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Product sheet

Tabela modeli

Index WeightDriverLampSocket
302.230.35V 3,55 kgVVG1x35W CDM-TG12
302.230.35E 2,05 kgEVG1x35W CDM-TG12
302.230.70V 3,55 kgVVG1x70W CDM-TG12
302.230.70E 2,05 kgEVG1x70W CDM-TG12
302.230.150V 3,55 kgVVG1x150W CDM-TG12
302.230.150E 2,05 kgEVG1x150W CDM-TG12
302.230.50E 2,85 kgEVG1x50W SDW-TGGX12-1
302.230.100E 2,85 kgEVG1x100W SDW-TGGX12-1
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