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DL 315


Recessed downlight for compact fluorescent lamps. Body (standard zinc, painted black on request) and ring (standard white, other colours on request) are made of steel. Reflector made of aluminium.

Technical extras upon request:

  1. Emergency supply - battery pack 1/2/3h. Please add EM1, EM2, EM3 after index numer.
  2. Compensation or passive power (capacitor). Please add COMPENSATION after index number.
  3. Dimmable ballast EVG DIM (1 - 10 V). Please add EVG DIM after index number.
  4. Digital dimmable ballast (DALI). Please add DALI after index number.

All DL 315 downlights are in standard with remote gearbox.

Available decorative accessories:

- turbo louver (index 0011)

- decorative glass thickness 5 or 10 mm (index from 0025 to 0040)


Product sheet

Таблица моделей

Index WeightDriverLampSocket
07.315.232E 3,10 kgEVGEVG, 2x32W TC-TELGX24q - 3
07.315.242E 3,10 kgEVGEVG, 2x42W TC-TELGX24q - 4
07.315.326V 4,50 kgVVGVVG, 3x26W TC-DG24d - 3
07.315.326E 3,50 kgEVGEVG, 3x26W TC-DELG24q - 3
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