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DLXS 185

Recessed downlight for compact fluorescent lamps. Body is made of steel and aluminium. All RAL colours are available.


Product sheet

Таблица моделей

Index WeightDriverLampSocket
544.185.113V 1,40 kgVVG1x13 W TC-DG24d-1
544.185.113E 1,25 kgEVG1x13 W TC-DELG24q-1
544.185.118V 1,40 kgVVG1x18 W TC-DG24d-2
544.185.118E 1,40 kgEVG1x18 W TC-DELG24q-2
544.185.213V 1,25 kgVVG2x13 W TC-DG24d-1
544.185.213E 1,40 kgEVG2x13 W TC-DELG24q-1
544.185.218V 1,40 kgVVG2x18 W TC-DG24d-2
544.185.218E 1,25 kgEVG2x18 W TC-DELG24q-2
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